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Easy Lawn 900 Gallon Hydroseeder

   For more information call 888-494-4011   or Email jack@surplusequipment.com

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Easy Lawn L-90 Hydroseeder




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Easy Lawn 900 Gallon Hydroseeder
Item Number: 
Industry:  Agriculture
Manufacturer:  Easy Lawn 
Model:  L-90 
Serial Number:   
Part Number:   
Year:  1999 
Operating Hours:   
Condition:  Used 
Location:  Wisconsin 
Quantity:  1 
Asking Price:  $13,500.00
Times Viewed:  24309 
Jack Hackett
Surplus Equipment Exchange
Phone: 888-494-4011

2002 Easy Lawn L-90 Hydroseeder

EasyLawn L90 TurfMaster Series Hydroseeder

Easy Lawn's Landscaper Series hydroseeding equipment
is designed with the serious contractor in mind. Performance and features make these units the next logical step from our Turf Master Series hydroseeding units. The Landscaper Series is available with either 650, 900, or 1,200 gallon tank capacities. Because of our increased tank capacity, we are now able to hold as much or more mulch than mechanically agitated units with less chance of clogging and much less maintenance. For more information on mulch capacity vs. our competitors, visit the following page on our web site at www.easylawn.com/mulchcapacity. The L65 (650 gallons) is available trailer mounted, while the L90 (900 gallons) and L120 (1,200 gallons) are available skid or trailer mounted.

All three Landscaper Series units come standard with a manual hose reel, 100' of 1 1/4" clear braid hose, and 3 new, larger nozzles . An electric hose reel is available as an option. Both reels are capable of holding up to 300' of 1 1/4" hose. An optional 25' control hose with a cut in nozzle is available that allows the operator to hydroseed easily around buildings, flower beds, driveways, and sidewalks.

In addition to hose operation, the Landscaper Series provides the ability to add an optional turret gun. The turret gun comes with two nozzles and can spray up to 145' from the unit. Easy Lawn's HPV pumps provide enough pressure and flow to spray the hose and turret, or dual hoses, at the same time with no loss in spray distance or pressure. Large jobs can be completed in record time with two operators spraying at the same time.

The Landscaper Series L90 and L120 come standard with an electric mulch grinder to speed loading of the hydromulch. Our grinder is capable of processing a bale of mulch every 15 - 20 seconds. There is a top agitation jet just under the grinder that immediately wets down the mulch and incorporates it into the slurry. There is a 16" fillwell next to the grinder so you can load seed, fertilizer, and tack at the same time you are loading your mulch. We have loaded an L90 from completely empty to mixed and ready to spray in about 7 minutes*. Some of our competitor's load big chunks of hydromulch into their machine and have to wait for the paddles to break them up and incorporate them into the slurry. Paddle agitation units don't have the top agitation jet so they have problems with mulch chunks floating above the level of the paddles adding more time before you are thoroughly mixed and ready to spray.


Polyethylene Tank
4"x3" Easy Lawn HPV Pump
Full Port Brass Ball Valves
Manual Reel w/ 100; 1 1/4: Hose
(Capable of holding 300')
Dual Axle Trailer
2: Easy Access Drain Plugs
15+ Gallon fuel tanks
Dual Fill Openings So Unit Can Be Filled While Adding Mulch
OHV Twin Cylinder Engines
3: Galvanized Agitation Tube w/ New Larger Jets
Full Port 3: Clean Out for Agitation Tube
7 cu. ft. Tool Box in Trailer
Poly Coated Deck and Tool Box Lid
Full Flow Fittings
2 Larger Fan, 1 Straight Nozzle
2: Hydrant Fill w/ Valve at Unit
Top Agitation Jet

Jack Hackett
Surplus Equipment Exchange
Phone: 888-494-4011

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