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Finn BB-705 Bark Blower

The FINN BB705 is the newest addition to the high-powered performance and productivity enhancing Bark Blower line. The BB705 provides the ideal entry level option to the truck mounted models. The BB705 has found its perfect niche integrating the technology and capabilities of the truck-mounted series with the accessibility and operational ease of the trailer-mounted units.

Features & Benefits

  • 4.5 cubic yard hopper capacity, upgraded floor drive shaft, and increased running gear capacity allow for blowing a greater variety of bulk material that are heavier
  • Tier II Kubota 71hp engine increasing fuel efficiency and increasing hp to the blower
  • Advanced couplings replicating the truck mounted system, more robust hose reel, and new wiring harness relocated from high heated areas
  • Greater accessibility discharge outlet
  • Air cleaner has been placed to draw in cooler air, engine exhaust was reconfigured and engine cabinet door was perforated to minimize heat build-up inside the cabinet
  • Reduces material cost from 20% to 40% by breaking up material clumps and producing an even mulch spreading pattern, with fine particles on top
  • Remote controls allow operator to control power and material flow from an operating distance
  • Internal engine access panel, removable from inside the hopper, enables two-sided access to the engine compartment for inspection and maintenance
  • Rear hopper inspection platform, with ladder, provides convenient operator visibility into the hopper
  • Standard 150’ hose comes with the unit, optional 50’ sections available
  • Standard hydraulically powered rear mounted hose reel
  • Blower, airlock and hydraulic functions are exclusive to FINN design

Who Uses The BB705 Bark Blower?

The BB705 Bark Blower is perfect for the mid-size mulching projects such as residential and commercial mulch beds, slopes, public gardens, playgrounds, amusement parks, sports field overseeding, erosion control/berms, mall interiorscapes, and other applications that require precise placement of bulk materials. Perfect for the hard to reach areas.

With the versatile BB705 you can do professional quality mulching, slopes, erosion control, overseeding, soil/compost, aggregate installation, salt/sand spreading and a number of other profitable applications. Mulch can be applied on virtually any terrain, even in wet conditions.

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